Where Does My Voice Come From?

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Where Does My Voice Come From?
 In “Where Does My Voice Come From?” Dr. Radionoff captures the listeners' interest as she presents complex information sprinkled with humor to professional & aspiring singers alike. The purpose of this DVD is to introduce singers to the “Systems Balance" of the vocal instrument.

This informative DVD contains 2 parts: Part 1 outlines what the vocal instrument is and how it is put together, while Part 2 offers practical information & application of how to use this amazing instrument. Dr. Radionoff offers more than one and a half hours of valuable information, along with applicable technical tools, to help guide the voice user toward vocal health, longevity & a greater understanding of the vocal instrument. The Voice: Athletic & Musical and “Fearfully & Wonderfully made.”

“Dr. Radionoff brings years of professional practice into a practical, easy-to-understand format through this DVD. In a relaxed pace, the amount of material delivered in this one tool is worth hundreds of dollars in personal lessons. This is a gold mine of information!”
Lee Poquette, Worship Pastor, West University Baptist Church

“Dr. Sharon, without being intrusive in any way, can tell what your body is doing when you are singing ...”
Michael Mellet, Choir Director/Worship Pastor, Lakewood Church

…”every session caused me to have a greater revelation of what I thought I knew ...”
Steve Crawford, Anointed/Worship Leader, Lakewood Church

“Dr. Sharon Radionoff far exceeded my expectations. She helped me to regain my voice and to understand that the voice is contained within our body, mind and spirit in a holistic fashion.”
Da’dra Crawford Greathouse, Anointed/Worship Leader, Lakewood Church

“Dr. Sharon’s technique helps connect the brain and the body together to bring about balance of the voice.”
Cindy Cruse Ratcliff, Cindy Cruse Ratcliff Ministries/Senior Worship Leader, Lakewood Church

Sound Singing Institute
DVD Price: $30

Inkwater Press

Faith and Voice
This coffee table devotional relates the parallels between our faith walk and our voice journey using Old & New Testament scriptures, quotes & thoughts with comments by the author.

“Dr. Radionoff’s book is a wonderful addition to voice literature. I know of no other book that relates the human voice to the human soul. Patients who look to God for strength in dealing with their voice disorders are more confident in the process of therapy. This book will help patients both in their vocal rehabilitative and spiritual journey.”
Asst. Prof. Otolaryngology,
U Pitt. Voice Center
Assoc. Dir., Eye & Ear Institute

“Dr. Sharon’s passion and knowledge for vocal health is only surpassed by her passion and knowledge for the Scriptures. She has beautifully intertwined the two in this book to encourage, inspire and inform. Sharon has a well of experience to draw from and has approached this from a fresh perspective that I’m
sure you’ll enjoy!”
Director of Music & Worship,
Lakewood Church

“Dr. Radionoff’s book reminds us that the God who gave us our voice knows best how to use it. In her thought provoking little book there are nuggets of truth to be mined by the voice specialist and truth seeker alike. Those who read it and better yet those who heed it will be better singers but more importantly better people. Our Father really knows best.”
Preacher and Singing School Instructor

Inkwater Press
ISBN 1-59299-104-1
Price $13.95

Plural Publishing


The Vocal Instrument
The purpose of this book is to help the voice professional understand the vocal instrument and know how to take care of it.  The first half of this book answers the following questions:  What is my Instrument and How is it put together? How do I ‘Play’ it? How do I Take Care of It?  The second half of the book defines common problems and discusses how to fix these problems based on the specialization of the voice professional.

Main Sections: Foreword. Introduction. Preface. What Is My Instrument and How Is It Put Together? How Do I Play It? How Do I Take Care of It? Private Studio Teachers/Students.  Music Educators.  Choral Conductors/Participants.  Index.

250 pages. Softcover. 6 x 9 in. Full Color
Plural Publishing
ISBN13: 978-1-59756-163-1

Full price $65.00
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