Vocal Health
The Texas Voice Center is a subspecialty of Texas ENT Consultants. The Texas Voice Center specializes in care of the professional voice.
The Voice Foundation is an organization dedicated to scientific research related to voice and problems of the voice. This website lists members by geographic region. It includes ENT’s, Speech-Language Pathologists, Singing Voice Specialists, Vocal Pedagogues, Acting Teachers etc.
The British Voice Association
The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.
The Wake Forest Center for Voice Disorders.
The Voice Institute of West Texas through Abilene Christian University
Blue tree publishing offers multimedia software for patient and student education.
The Texas Music Educators Association.
The Texas Choral Directors Association
TCDA has onsite articles from the Texas Sings quarterly publication.
The College Music Society

The National Association of Teachers of Singing

The Greater Houston Chapter of NATS

The National Center for Voice and Speech

Frequently Prescribed Medications and Effects on Voice and Speech

The Bridges Academy of Fine Arts offers excellence in music training in a community music school setting.
S     T     U     D     I     O
Laura Donohue offers excellence in music training in a private voice setting.
Body Work

Feldenkrais practitioner Mary Beth Smith. Feldenkrais is an excellent compliment for anyone in voice study.

MaryBeth D. Smith, MM, GCFP
The FELDENKRAIS Center of Houston
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Texas Voice Center

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