Testimonials - Dr. Sharon L. Radionoff, Ph.D.

Dr. Sharon Radionoff is my singing teacher and the only singing teacher to whom I refer my acting students for vocal pedagogy. Because of her expertise in the physiology of the body she immediately cuts through the confusing imagistic mumbo-jumbo that permeates the field of voice and speech to offer clear and precise solutions to specific issues of the voice. Her methodical, clear teaching applies equally to any vocal singing style from opera to rock. Indeed, her students populate the entertainment industry and will continue to do so
Todd Waite
Artistic Coordinator of Cirque du Soleil’s “O”

When I walked into Dr. Radionoff's office two years ago, I was vocally lost!  I had been through 7 voice teachers, but never had I met someone who could give me the tools to sing with my entire body.  Imagine, over 15 years of singing and I could not coordinate all these fantastic things I'd learned! Dr. Radionoff was honest, forthcoming and waisted no time helping me get on track. I wish I had a voice teacher like her in my college years.  She is my teacher, my friend and my greatest ally.  I highly recommend her studio to any serious singer and speaker... without reservation.
Melina Bradley
Singer/Songwriter/Recording artist
210 902 9016

Dr Sharon has been my vocal coach for 9 years. When I first came to her I couldn’t sing 20 minutes without losing my voice. Dr. Sharon quickly turned that around. I now have a broader range, more power, greater longevity and my tone is fuller and more beautiful. I owe a great deal to Dr. Sharon for her expertise and care. She is absolutely the best and is second to none in her field.
Cindy Cruse Ratcliff
Senior Worship Leader at Lakewood Church

Dr. Sharon is an angel sent from heaven to help me find my voice again. I was having vocal problems from a lifelong ignorance of knowing how my voice, mind and body were connected. Through the years, she’s helped me figure all that out and for that I will be eternally grateful. Not only have her techniques helped me restore my singing voice, but she’s also helped me see that I am not “my singing voice.” I can thrive with or without it… and that is a huge part of my spiritual healing and journey. She’s a fantastic vocal trainer and friend.
Debbie Fancher
Christian recording artist/worship leader

A lesson with Dr. R improves not only my voice, but also my spirit.  She works through "roadblocks" of the voice with functional solutions that allow me to achieve excellent voice.  I began seeing Dr. R in 2006, and live quite a distance from her studio, but I will continue to make the commute to work with her as her expertise is invaluable!
Chrisi Carter
Singer/Dancer/Actor/Professional Performer

I've seen several doctors about my voice problem and they've all helped me. However, I have to say that Sharon made me feel that she took a personal interest in my voice problem and after every therapy session I felt like there was hope for me. I remember driving back home to Corpus Christi after my first appointment and how my wife and I felt that we had found the person that really new her stuff. Thanks Sharon for everything.

Dennis Gilley
Gilley's Recording Studio

You saved my singing life. Since I met with you, I have done four Messiahs, one premiere opera dramatic mezzo role by Lori Laitman, several recitals, and a long run of H.M.S. Pinafore. I still use your exercises to keep me honest in my warm-ups and also in my prep. for my days of teaching. Thank you for your wonderful diagnostic teaching. I kept my tapes and re-play them to refresh my memory of our work together.
Martha Antolik, D.M.A.
Department of Music
University of Central Arkansas
Conway, Arkansas
Dr. Sharon has helped me so much with my voice. I am a public school elementary music teacher and worship leader at my church. When I first came to Dr. Sharon, my voice was still healing from having a polyp on one of my vocal folds. At that time, I could not teach even an hour at school without some kind of tension building up in my voice and leading worship at church was impossible. In the past year, she has taught me new things to help me speak and sing. She has helped me to modify what I do in the classroom to teach effectively and maintain a healthy voice. I am still on my healing journey, but am now able to teach every day and lead worship at church! Each time I come to her, she encourages me in the progress I am making. She is such a joy to work with! I am looking forward to my voice healing completely and having a healthy voice for a long, long time! Thank you, Dr. Sharon!  
Kristi Savage
Music Specialist
GPISD Elementary Lead Fine Arts Teacher
MacArthur Elementary

In an unpredictable singing world, Dr. Sharon Radionoff’s methodical and highly intellectual approach to the voice is without comparison.  Working tirelessly with me to balance my voice, she has ultimately provided me with a solid foundation on which to build the nuances of my instrument.  Dr. Radionoff has not only given me the tools to make my voice function, she has provided me with the education to use these tools independently and with confidence.  Dr. Radionoff’s warmth and encouragement are a key part of my continued journey as a singer. 
Amanda Farnham Meyers
Professional Singer

"I have been producing records for 20 years and have never met a person that knows more about the voice and how it works than Dr. Sharon Radionoff. I have worked in the studio with artists she is teaching and coaching. I have seen the application of her techniques and knowledge first hand and benefited from the hard work she does with the artists I'm working with. What impresses me just as much is how Dr. Radionoff truly cares about each student and their voice. I highly recommend Dr. Radionoff to all the artists and singers I work with because I know she can help them, do what is best for their voice, and give them the tools they need to have the best technique without loosing who they are as an artist, in fact, make them better."
Doug Beiden - Record Producer - Nashville, TN

I am so thankful to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Sharon, she is a truly gifted teacher. Her ability to transform my voice into a healthy and sustainable instrument is nothing short of miraculous.  She is a treasure to her field and the body of Christ. 
Aimee Beard
Worship Team
Lakewood Church

“As a 12-year-old child, I was experiencing much vocal fatigue from singing at the top of my lungs and being an enthusiastic cheerleader! I loved it all so much, but it got to the point that I was unable to speak and sing due to improper technique, and was soon referred to Dr. Radionoff. She certainly has a gift for teaching! She was an incredibly positive impact on my childhood and has continued to be thereafter. After being educated under Dr. Radionoff, I feel no pressure or tension on my vocal cords as I am singing; instead I feel comfort and freedom of sound in communicating a song. It has ultimately created a healthier me in seeing how mind, body, and voice are all connected. I am so grateful for that!”
Sara Alavi

I started studying with Dr. Radionoff six years ago when I was 12 years old.  Sharon coached me through Fat Injection Thyroplasty surgery which she recommended to improve my sound due to a paralyzed vocal fold from birth.  I developed a healthy technique as well as great self-confidence and even now that I'm in college I make sure to schedule a voice lesson when I'm on break. I consider Sharon my "voice mom."
Avital Bisk
English/Theatre Major
University of Texas, Austin

"I have known Dr. Radionoff for over 15 years. Her life is dedicated to making people proud of the voice they have been given. Her enthusiasm for the human voice is contagious."  
Jackie Gartner-Schmidt, PhD
Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology
Associate Director of the UPMC Voice Center
1400 Locust St
Suite 11-500, Blding B
UPMC Mercy
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
(t) 412-232-8970
(f) 412-232-8525
Appointments: 412-232-7464

Sharon Radionoff creates a warm, positive teaching environment, ideal for any singer.  Her use of a breath-based technique creates a healthy base for any type of singing, and her non-judgmental, supportive approach allows singers the opportunity to explore their vocal abilities in a safe environment.  Singers are able to let go of any fear and go for it!  I would highly recommend Dr. Radionoff to singers at any level, and for singers needing vocal rehabilitation or strengthening, working with her is a MUST.
Kristina Driskill
Instructor of Voice and Diction, Chapman University
Dallas Opera, Long Beach Opera, New Orleans Opera, Orchestra X

Sharon has made it possible for me to continue my music teaching career in spite of chronic vocal pain. She has an amazing ability to listen and to interpret what my vocal tract is doing. She has a wealth of knowledge and resources. Having spent time in the classroom she has a clear understanding of what is involved in being a music teacher and has helped me to adjust my curriculum to be more vocally healthy. She has gone far and above expectations in helping me communicate with countless medical doctors and the insurance company. But most importantly, she never gives up and has been there every step of the way for the last seven years. She is irreplaceable!
Nicole McDaniel
Music Educator
Austin, TX

I have been coming to Dr. Radionoff for four years now.  I have had numerous vocal surgeries and continued to struggle keeping my voice throughout the run of a show.  This has been a great struggle to me, not only because performing is my passion, it is also my livelihood.  Since I started working with Dr. Radionoff, I have found ways to take the strain off of my voice and sing with ease.  She knows what works for the individual.  I have been to many vocal instructors who are dedicated to only one method.  Dr. Radionoff understands that for each individual, there is a different approach to vocal care.  Dr. Radionoff provides a comfortable environment where I can relax, not an easy thing to do in this business!  She truly cares about each of her patients.  She has helped me make many difficult decisions in my career path.  I have proudly recommended Dr. Radionoff to others in my field and my acting students.  I am very happy to say that I have been vocally strong for two years.  I owe most of that to Dr. Radionoff.
Katie Harrison
Education Director-Fort Bend Theatre

     I was a patient under Dr. Radionoff after vocal cord surgery in 2002. Prior to surgery I had been singing in nightclubs for 10 years or so. I had 3 polyps removed and was treated for GERD. My vocal cords were completely ravaged and thru bad habits, or not knowing, I had become handicapped......not to mention out of work from a long career!
     After surgery and mandatory vocal rest, I was able to start speaking again. I rehabbed under Dr. Radionoff for the Summer of 2002 to not only be able to sing again, but to be able to speak clearly. I have always had the blessing of powerful speaking voice, but after surgery, had to start all over again.
     Weekly lessons with Dr. Radionoff got my speaking voice back to where it had been and starting in the Fall of 2002, was able to go back to work as a nightclub singer.
     Had a hiccup or 2 in 2005 and 2006, when I developed another polyp, along with GERD related injuries, and had to go back to basics. Dr. Radionoff again nursed me back to good vocal health and awareness from her techniques, lessons, and better, a kind caring approach.
     Present day, 2010, I am still singing professionally 3 times a week, which is my personal maximum, and staying out of smoke filled rooms. I keep all the material that I learned from Dr. Radionoff and continue to apply the techniques to keep my vocal health.
     I would not be performing today or so aware of vocal techniques/reflux remedies, if not for the teachings of Dr. Radionoff.

Stephen Winter
Singer/Dueling Piano Entertainer


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